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Writers association in Bangladesh is carrying need to keep pace with present world

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Lately, it is noticeable that the trend of being IT entrepreneur is carrying on. Especially in Dhaka city, the number of IT entrepreneur is rising up based on different online activities.

They are doing apps development, web design, software building, Amazon affiliate, e-commerce business and others. Even in a rural area, someone is involved in these types of activities and earning huge amount of money and keeping contribution in the sphere of developing the economic sector of Bangladesh. 

The contribution in the two aspects is noticeable, one is informative site and other is the technological site. We should not emphasize on one site to keep pace with the present world, rather we should nurture both sites “information” and” technology.”

 Most of the information online is based on the English language. That’s why the demand for writing is too much. Although, the technical works have enough invest and steps. But the investment of writing sector is always overlooked.

Lack of Cherishing, practicing and instruction in the spheres of writing is always noticeable in our country. Yet the possibilities are huge as the students are involved scratching English sign from childhood.

Because of updating search engine, Most of the entrepreneur falls in a crisis of English text and feel the importance of quality text on their websites.

It is also noticeable that a wide portion of IT entrepreneur is involved in Amazon affiliate. They need text. The text is the main element of their business. They cannot expect good output except quality text. That’s why they are obliged to import the text with high price from another’s country. The online marketer has to invest a large amount of money in these fields. Even, not having enough textual knowledge, they do not have the quality taxes in spite of investing high price.

No Doubt, Amazon affiliate is a lucrative business but most of the youngster loses heart as a quality text is the main element of this business.

Not only for Amazon affiliate but also for the personal website, email writing, YouTube video making, press release, blog writing and others online activities, writing has been the most important factors. Yet the guardian of our country, especially who are involved in IT sectors, have less concentration in this fields.

They do not take any mentionable steps to develop the textual aspects of Bangladesh. If they do not take a further step, The IT sector will not be grown up as the trend of the world deserves. The situation deserves the expert and schools of an expert who will are able to guide the youngster how to bring their writing into a good format and make their writing sellable and usable in the reserved sectors.

 It is obviously noticeable that writing plays the most outstanding roles in the spheres of freelancing besides others IT related works and it is the best way of communicating with the buyers as they prefer writing than speaking to any client.

There are many youngsters are changing their lives accepting IT training and involving in freelancing. Yet it is also mentionable that a major part of them are dropping out because of not knowing English and not having the skill of writing.

In our neighboring country is faster in the online-based activities because of having more depth knowledge of English. The English writing skill support too much to build career globally. Especially it is mandatory for the man who wants to build the career in IT sector.

In India, there is a writers association (WGI). The member of WGI organizes seminar and workshop to inspire and instruct the emerged writer to contribute in different fields.

 American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) helps theirs emerged writers to grow and hone their skills in an appropriate way and makes the professional writer who fulfills the demand of writer over the worlds. Katie yearly, an executive director of the AWAI is leading the writes association since 1997 successfully.

 PWAC means professional writers association of Canada. The members of the PWAC are serving the whole world with their skill. They keep contribution both in broadcast media and online activities.

In our county, a writers association is carrying need to cultivate the creativity and instruct, inspire the fresher to build a career in these fields as writing is part and parcel of IT sector.

 In each and every sector in online, Text is mandatory. At present got has brought emphasizes on technical knowledge of IT. Likewise, got should bring emphasize on writing sector to have the expected output from IT sector. Otherwise, the possibilities of struck are more lack of having the quality of selling skill.

There are many people who have the ability to English writing. But not having the appropriate instruction of online writing, they cannot go ahead and take steps in these fields. Starting writing in online is somewhat bitter but the output of writing is better and sweater. Besides, there is some writing software which makes writing easier such as Grammarly and Hemingway editors and so on.

If government takes the step to hone the skill of the emerged writer of Bangladesh, The Bangladeshi writer will be able to fulfill the demand for text in online marketing. Even they will be able to export words instead of importing words for a shake of their business.

 Undoubtedly the contribution of present govt in the spheres of IT is praiseworthy. The government take step by step to inspire, engages, instruct different works such as web development, graphic design, programming, and others. Even a plenty of steps are available to turn in to reality. But it is noticeable that the steps to develop the writing sectors are overlooked. Even very few feel the importance of the writing sectors of the present situation.

Writing is the main power of every entrepreneur. Very few IT entrepreneurs will last if they have not enough knowledge of writing. Over the world, lots of writing associations are grown with the trend of technology. Without a textual message, technology will be lame. It cannot run in an appropriate way.

 Having writers association in Bangladesh is carrying need if Bangladesh wants to have the blessing of eminent IT revolution; otherwise, The IT sector of Bangladesh will feel repentance.

MD salah uddin

An emerged writer , entrepreneur and a dedicate trainer

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