Unavoidable some negative aspects of the internet in spite of having protection

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Passing time with internet lessens the layer of feeling. Human life needs both motion and emotion. Without motion, human life is worthless. Without emotion, human life is lifeless so human life needs both motion and emotion. No doubt that Information technology is a blessing for a human being. It is giving the human lifestyle new shape. It is making the world dynamic.

But the negative aspects of information technology are noticeable. The motion is removing the first alphabet of emotion “e”. As a result, the layer of emotion is lessening. People are going to be too dynamic and faster for a shake of their lives and keeping pace with the present world.

Human feeling is important part of life

The feeling is another miracle, untouchable and intangible things. It is part and parcel of a human being.  A man cannot belong to human without feeling. It is a special gift of Allah. A feeling less person can never be satisfied what he has. The feeling of a heart is an asset of a human being. The man who has a feeling should preserve it. The man is free from feeling, he should desire to have this and lust for this.

Passing too much time with lessens the feeling, passion, and emotion of heart and makes one feel less .Even when a man passes too much time in social media Face book, Twitter and others social media. He loses the strata of feeling from his heart unconsciously.

 Online are not only the fields of information but market

Information technology is not confined to information only. It has been turned in to market for buying and selling. For the sake of selling and buying, the marketer is using different types of advertisement. Most of the advertisement uses nudity and attractive, half-naked girl to catch the concentration of readers. Seeing these types of pictures also destroys the purity and the consciousness of heart. It also decreases the layer of emotion.

  The advertisement of porn is available on internet

There are unlimited sites of porn in online. There are always using advertisement to have the user of their site, so that they are benefited from a search engine. So using the internet in alone for the youngster is a risk.  They can be addicted to enjoying these sites.  As a result, they will fall in danger mentally and physically. That’s why each and every parent should be alert to their children when they use android set and internet connected personal computer. In the realm of information technology, people are losing their emotion, feeling, and satisfaction.

The solution of using internet without any hamper

Online is the best source of having information. But one has to face lots of problems when one goes to use internet for a shake of plucking information. So if anyone is serious to save himself from nudity and want to preserve his feeling, he should use the image block which is too effective. The image block helps one to save his eyes from any types of images in online.  


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