misuse of English words

The misuse of English words

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No doubt, English word is royal. The words are known over the world. Even many countries likes Bangladesh makes mandatory to learn these academically. Even in some environment makes mandatory to use the language. It is good to practice this language and try to keep pace with the present world.

But   there are many people who use the word to dominate the others. There are many people to make foolish others. There are some crafty people in society that they do not know proper English but they have memorized some words, some proverbs and use these irrespective of farmer or rickshaw puller   environment. There are some people uses the indigestible words to dominate others.

 Using segregated English word in the middle of conversation is one diseases of language. It is not acceptable to an educated person. Yet we use the words consciously or unconsciously, we should try to omit this disease from our language, we should hate the misusing of English word, the dominating the people of lower status using these words. 

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