makes dry the feeling of heart

The proneness of committing sin makes dry the feeling of heart

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Man’s heart is not free from the devil. Man’s heart is dominated both the Angel and evil. Evil is always busy to drag the black cover over the heart and creates the darkness in the heart. As a result, the owner of the heat cannot identify the difference the right and wrong. Sometimes devils forces heart to makes one derail. Consequently, he falls in danger, ultimate destruction.

On the others hand,   the angel always is busy to keep the heart lucid. In the lucid heart, a ton of good thought is emerged and forces one to take in the straightway. When the heart is lucid,   the darkness is removed, all the fresh idea is awaked, and the hate to sin is grown in a heart.

Then, humanity grows in mind; the understanding is connected with the ton of good thought. So every man should cherish the humanity.

In this world, there are lots of hidden truth.  It is one of them that the welfare of a man is connected to him.  If he works for others help, he is helped. If any want to harm to anyone, he is harmed today or tomorrow that’s why it is the best practice to help others. But is the bleak truth that man can not ready himself to help others. As a result, he keeps himself derived of the universal benefit As Most of the man is persuaded with devils.

To speak the truth that to make oneself for another is not an easy task. It deserves a lot of practice and lots of sacrifices. Ultimate, a man, should be broad minded and should be blessed by the creator. Otherwise, he will not be able to make himself for others.   

Consciousness, love, passions, and feeling of the heart are relative. They love each other.  One cannot live without others. On the others hand, 

Ignorance, sin, unconsciousness are relative of one another’s. They also live together

 I know that the above mention words are well known to many.  But very few can take a step to help others. When I go through the poem of my favorite poet “words worth.” I find the secret truth in his poems. He says “Nature did never betray the heart that loved her.” The poet has realized the secret truth and focused in his poems.

Besides, you will have the touch in the many religious books. The creator of the world gives this sense to every great one. They never look after for having benefit. Ultimately they are benefited forever.

But it is the ridiculous truth the people of the world wasting benefit for the sake of benefit. At present, many people are expressing the words of peace and happiness, but they do only for the worldly advantage, as a result, they are not gainer ultimately.

 So if anyone wants to serve the world, he must be developed with spiritually and have to fulfill his mind with the morality and fraternity. Otherwise, his intention will be derailed and run after lust and world pleasure.

 That’s why it is also noticeable that when a leader comes in front of people, he shows the dormant quality of good sense, but he can continue this because of lacking the spiritual sense so one should cultivate the feeling of heart and cut off the proneness of having a beneficiary and committing sin to be benefited ultimately.

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