The Addiction of Social media

The addiction to social media kills time and hampers life in dangerous way

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Few days ago, I have shared a comment in the face book that “FB is the best way of wasting time”. After passing few hours, I saw some comments that “true”, “false”, “right”, “wrong” and others.  I cannot but agree with their comments as many men, many minds.

It is lucid to me that a large portion of readers will throw negative comments against this. No doubt they are ready to mention their opinion “It is the way of knowing instant news”, “It is the way of learning” and so on. In the ear, we are known with the social media less or more and take benefit.   

   The social media is a great way of advertisement, selling product and earning money.  Social media is the best way of making communication and establish the illegal affair with each others. What I follow, the comments vary age to age, man to man. Whatever the comments are!

What is the ultimate result of social media? 

Overall the social media is the great source of business platform, the founder and coworkers manipulates their respective social media for their interest. Even the social media are manipulated in such a way that people are engaged consciously and unconsciously.

 Especially the youngster is engaged in social media too much and waste time.  After using the social medial, they are addicted to use this. Even leaving studies and awaking night, they spend time in chatting with their friends.  Especially one feel interest to chat with their opposite gender one.

The youngster are involved in nudity

Even the youngster is losing shame and involved nudity through the video call of social media. Social media makes easier to show one another.  Lover and beloved share their secrecy through video call. Different types of blackmail are going on at present in society. Personal video is shared with each others. As a result, the rate of decreasing morality is increasing.     

 Although social media is very common to us, it is affecting to the character of the youngster in dangerous way. Everyone should be conscious to use the social media. Especially each and every parent should take care their children how much time; they are involved in social media.

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